Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a LOVE-ly quote/thought..!!?

Hi pa..!!

A Brilliant quote that came to me recently....which i shared over SMS with some of my friends ( who are accessible over the SMS protocol..!!)..
"LIFE, is NOT "For-Getting"...
...LIFE, is "For-Giving"...!!! "
Think about this one..!!
It's NOT as Simple as it Seems to Be...!!
(Like LIFE, n Myself ..purr-haps..?? ;-))
There are at-least 3 ways in which you can read it...
1) What Life is For...??
( Giving?? or Getting ??)
2) What Life is Supposed to be for doing..??
( to be Kind & Forgiving ?? OR be Indifferent & Forgetful..!?)
3) HOW LIFE itself iS w.r.t. its behaviour towards we beings..??
( is it Loving & Forgiving ?? OR Indifferent & Cruel..!?)
LOVE & Best Wishes,
The boy in "r a g s"

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Prashant Bhate said...

I guess
Life is bit of both [Love in specific]!
"Forgiving" and "Forgetting" "Forgetters & Forgettable"

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